HeeDong Enamel Pins - Set of 4


The HeeDong Enamel Pin - put a pin in the mundane!

As a child, you were so excited to have these little pins which you wore on your boring backpacks, plain caps, or even clothes. Then, life happened, took you to places, and though you have mostly adapted, the inner child yearns adventure. Let HeeDong, the larger-than-life Boston-Terrier, keep your childhood dreams alive and your aspirations pinned to the top of your list!

  • Main: Metal
  • Paint: Enamel


  • Polished smooth metal base
  • Extruded lines
  • Recessed area filled with enamel
  • Locked Pin

Size & Fit

  • Approx. between 1 - 1.5 in


  • Wipe with soft fabric cloth.
  • Damp cloth (with water only) may be used if required.
  • Air-dry at room temperature or with a dry cloth.
  • Do not heat-dry.

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